We are passionate individuals moved by the beauty of this Planet and the care about all living beings and their future.

"We are all empowered to identify our own strength and capacities, and discover our purpose in life. Terra Livre is a call to practice love in action with Mother Earth and to embrace our Planet everyday." - Marco Steiger, Terra Livre's Network Executive

Filipa Simoes

Co-Founder, Designer, General Manager

Filipa has well developed plans to build a Warriors School for a Love Army and rule the world. She is unstoppable. So long as we can convince her that will be a long run on the ladder, we will be fine. Having been a successful web designer and consultant for Usability and User Interface, Filipa is doing a beautiful work also as our Graphic Designer and... Yoga Teacher!

Claudian Dobos

Co-Founder, Communication Consultant

Despite his peculiar first name, Claudian is the synopsis of dedication and discipline. After a stellar career in Branding and Marketing, he turned his attentions to Sustainability and Networking. Claudian is the White Wizard, and he believes he can change the weather just by the power of thought. We believe he can move mountains and transform Terra Livre into a global phenomenon.

Andrei Iuroaia

Fundraising Manager

He holds a BA in Economic Sciences, a MA in Political Science in Comparative Politics and we say he also holds a PhD in Humor and Laugh to Tears. After engaging with different NGO and happily failing to fit into a regular job he embarked in an unplanned journey of traveling throughout Europe. He spends half of his his time telling any one who will listen about Terra Livre.

Marco Steiger

Network Executive

Early on in his life, spiritual development, inner inquiry and new ways of thinking have become central for his way to reconnect. He collected many tools and practices on his path. Today many of his own experience in life has become essential tools to master the art of life and intending to manifest a new win-win culture for a new generation.

Ramona Laich

PR, Ecuador

The word Re-connection has been her guidance in her exploration journeys around the globe. Re-connecting to the earth as a living being. Re-connecting to her own inner world and higher purpose. For this she needed to look beyond the golden plate of mainstream society and find new tools to create new results that are more aligned with her true nature and vision for her life.