The regenerative power
of the commons.

Dear human fellows,
Whoever you are, wherever you are, stand for the forest, always. We take forests for granted but one day we will wake up and they might not be here anymore. Forests are on the way to extinction and when they go down, all their resources and beauty are taken away from us. We are not just walking on the surface of this Planet, we are the Planet! We are the oceans, the land, the forest and when the forest disappears, a part of us also dies.
I was born in the beautiful city of Lisbon in Portugal and the best memories I carry from childhood are with the family, in the rural countryside, in Nature. We were a bunch of happy kids, brothers and sisters, cousins and friends, running free, playing, cycling, fighting, crying and laughing together throughout the day, from dawn ’till dusk, when we would go to sleep, totally smashed by all the adventures. Sometimes, when was too hot to sleep, we would lie outside, singing with the owls, watching the falling starts and making wishes. The nights were dark without electricity and the sky was amazing.
It was a time without smartphones, video games and social networks.
We were busy climbing trees, building houses with sticks and leaves, searching for insects and other beings that we couldn’t find in the city. I remember searching for mushrooms in the forest, getting dirty playing with mud or just laying down under the tall trees, protecting ourselves from the summer heat. I remember the joy of feeling refreshed by the tree shades, watching the birds and listening the water streams running. The forest was alive, beautiful and rich in diversity.

40 years passed and the forest is now a desert of highly flammable eucalyptus trees. There are no more mushrooms, the water streams are gone, the wolves extinct and the foxes, wild boars and owls are disappearing. The soil is getting dryer every year and the risk of fire is extreme.
It’s heart breaking witnessing, every summer, my country getting devastated by fires. If you could see the extension of all the damages inflicted by the flames, you would cry too.

Cellulose industry wins, economy grows, but in the end we all loose. Life loses in ways that we cannot possible even imagine.
Don’t allow, in your country, what happened to mine. Wherever you are, stand for the forest, protect its infinite precious resources from greedy industries with unsustainable practices. Stand for life and speak for all those who don’t have a voice.

The power of the commons can reshape the world. It’s in our power to make a difference. Regain the power as individuals and responsible global citizens. It’s in our power to buy to protect, to buy to regenerate and reinforce the role of our communities as the guardians and caretakers.
This is the regenerative power of the commons. Buy to protect, buy to regenerate and take ownership as strong communities of guardians who care and stand for life.

This is the way you and I can make the difference.

Filipa Simoes