Natural landscapes belong to everyone

Mountains, forests, lakes, rivers are for the benefit of all,
not for the profit of some. We engage that this natural
state of being becomes again a reality.


Protect 45 ha of forest in Romania

This forest, located in the Western Romanian Carpathians
is at risk of being clear-cut. Protect 45 hectares of forest
from logging companies with obsolete practices and values.


Protect 3.800 ha of forest in Ecuador

Protect 3800 hectares of Virgin Rain
Forest in Ecuador from being destroyed
by logging, mining and petrol companies.


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Funds Raised
Thousand Euros in 6 Months
Forest Protected
Western Romanian Carpathian Mountains
Campaign / Backers

Buy to protect 45ha of endangered forest in Romania.

1st stage, to buy 8ha closed successfully, backed by 59 people from 12 countries.

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Our Vision

We envision a world where every being is born on an Earth that only belongs to Itself.

Terra Livre

Buy to protect

Terra Livre is a nonprofit civic initiative that crowdfunds to buy and protect worldwide natural landscapes at risk of being destroyed by companies with non caring practices about Nature and people. We strongly believe that we need to group together as planetary citizens in order to protect what is the basis for living.

The world’s natural landscapes are disappearing at an alarming rate, with devastating consequences for the ecosystem of the entire Planet and there is an urgent need to preserve biodiversity and regenerate degraded landscapes. As a matter of fact, we need many more trees if we want to minimize the effects of Climate Change and it’s in the hands of each individual to take action.

We invite everyone to take action by donating and actively engage in the protection, regeneration and conservation of endangered natural landscapes, to keep biodiversity and wildlife corridors alive and safe.


Community engagement in the conservation, regeneration and management of natural landscapes

The Earthguardians movement aims to create more awareness to the concept and benefits of communal land keeping. According to research, the management of natural resources is done more sustainably if the land is taken care of by the community.

Leaving forests in communal hands cuts carbon emissions from deforestation, helps communities and offers long-term economic benefits: Everyone wins” – The Guardian

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We are not just asking for donations. We are inviting you to protect entire landscapes.

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Buy to protect endangered worldwide natural landscapes. Step into your power and stand for Nature.

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We don't want to save the forest, we want to create a world where the forest doesn't need to be saved.

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Buy to protect worldwide endangered landscapes.

The landscapes are to be cared by resilient community projects. Once the land is purchased, it cannot be sold as private property and used for exploitation.

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