Together we weave a Global Movement that cares for the future of Nature and all beings.


We fundraise to buy endangered natural landscapes.

We raise funds to buy worldwide endangered natural landscapes at risk of being destroyed by greedy companies, and we combine strong resilient communities with the protection and regeneration of these landscapes.

The land is bought and taken in custody by local communities that act as guardians. After it has been purchased, the land can not be sold as private property or used for exploitation.

We invite everyone to take action by donating and actively engage in the protection, regeneration and conservation of endangered natural landscapes, to keep biodiversity and wildlife corridors alive and safe.

Community engagement

We combine protection and regeneration of natural landscapes with strong resilient communities.

A functioning conscious community is the best way to deal with greed and power: that’s why we combine protection and regeneration of natural landscapes with a resilient community where people are dedicated to transform and weave challenges together. This is the basis for buying the land together, as commons, where all the intervenients in the process act as guardians.


Mentoring, consulting and training

If needed and requested by the communities of guardians and its members, we can provide mentoring, consulting and training in a wide range of educational programs for cultural and regional specific needs, in order to empower and capacitate these communities and individuals. Costs are covered by the members of the community. Scholarships may be provided if there are funds available for the purpose.

You can donate to provide scholarships in training to empower and capacitate communities of guardians and its members.