Root Guardians

Join if you are already taking care of the land and want to bring into visibility the role of humans as caretakers and inspire others to do so. The more we are, the more possibilities we open for the regeneration of our Planet, the implementation of more sustainable ways of living and the lessening of the effects of climate change.

Ambá - Conviviendo en Naturaleza

2.700 Ha - Uruguay

We are an interdisciplinary group, driven by the intention of conserving the biodiversity of the Sierras de Rocha, in Uruguay. We seek to promote a learning-teaching process for the harmonious coexistence of the communities of the Sierras with their environment, in the deep recognition of the interdependence with this one

Mount of Oaks

5 Ha - Portugal

We are a small intentional monastic eco-community. We live in the sight of the Gardunha Mountains in the district of Fundão, Beira Baixa, Portugal.

Quinta do Corvo

5,4 Ha - Portugal

Our philosophy is one of deep respect for Nature. We wish to flow with the cycles of the sun, the moon, life and death. We desire to be part of the ecosystem and help him regenerate the best we can. We want to plant trees, avoid tilling the soil unnecessarily, listen what the Earth has to tell us.


55,6 Ha - Portugal

Regeneration of our land, of our community and of our economy is the Mission of Biovilla. We are within the Natural Park of Arrábida, already classified as semi-arid and our Vision is to co-create a living green paradise using Permaculture design and agro-forestry techniques.

Aurora Community

20 Ha - Romania

Aurora Community is an intentional community and a learning center for sustainability, actively working to be an example for a low impact lifestyle.


1,5 Ha - Greece

Liveloula is an organically growing project with a focus on peaceful, ecological and self sustainable living.

O Fojo Permaculture

0,5 Ha - Portugal

Creating practical experience in Permaculture, natural building, natural and organic agriculture since 2009.

Gradina Molcolm

0,35 Ha - Romania

Guardians of the Earth unite!


Hectares protected

Community engagement in the conservation, regeneration and management of natural landscapes

Dreamer Guardians

Join as a Dreamer Guardian if you don’t have land but wish to take care of it. Contact us for advise and training in community building and Nature conservation and regeneration.

Ivan Sellers
We are looking to set ourselves up off grid with or without others, with preference for Portugal.
10 Ha
I'm becoming more and more attracted to living in and looking after natural forest land. I am looking to purchase some land in the near future - as wel as learning from others.
All over the world
2 Ha
Rania Moudaress
60 Ha
Salama Heritage Ecovillage
8 Ha
Support the global movement in caring for the Earth.
Joana Rosa
Transitioning to a life immersed in green.
Live With Earth - Eco-Village Community
It's part of our mission to protect the Planet.

Angel Guardians

Join as an Angel Guardian and contact us if you have land but can’t take care of it and wish others to take care of it.

Arabela Trifoi
0,33 Ha
Grow forest, grow!